• Darts

    The Windsor Castle, Auckland

    Thu 27 Nov 6:00pm – more dates / Games, Carnivals

  • Rubik's New Zealand Nationals - Rubik's Cube Tournament

    University of Waikato, Hamilton

    Sun 7 Dec 9:00am / Games, Carnivals

  • DartsKing of Australasia

    Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua - Mana

    Thu 15 Jan 2015 6:00pm – more dates / Games, Carnivals


  • WW100: Remembering WW1 - 100 Years On

    WW100: Remembering WW1 - 100 Years On

    The First World War (1914–1918) was one of the most significant events of the 20th century,…

  • Free Events

    Free Events

    Heaps of great free events taking place around the country this week that won't hurt the pocket.…

  • Sol3 Mio

    Sol3 Mio

    Following the unprecedented success of their album tour earlier this year and a whirlwind of…